Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog News: Domain for ABaaL, Finally!

It's official, A Book and a Latte has it's own domain! 

I've actually owned the domain for months, but was unable to figure out how to set it up to work with Blogger. I felt really dumb until I broke down and contacted the host and learned that I couldn't do it myself, that they had to do it for me. Seriously? That is ridiculous! I wasted HOURS trying to figure it out myself, and I couldn't find anything on their website to let me know that I needed to contact them. GRR.

Anyway, now that it's all sorted out, I'm really excited! YAY for!

If you're a subscriber, I don't believe you need to resubscribe or change anything. From what I understand, it should all be seamless to you since my feed goes through feedburner. If you notice any problems please contact me via email or twitter. 

Unfortunately, I do think I've lost all my Instant Debate comments (6 months worth) that were tied to the blogspot address. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to update/transfer them back in, but I don't know (yet) if that is possible. If I permanently loose them, I may ditch Instant Debate and change back to blogger comments (which I don't like) or switch to another program. I'm wide open to suggestions! Bloggers, what program do you use for comments - any favorites or bad/good experiences to share?

Note about comments: click on the post title to go to the post's page to view and/or add comments. I heart your comments!

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