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Blog Tour: Bloodlines by Lindsay Kendal


Please help me welcome Lindsay Kendal, author of the Bloodlines Trilogy! As part of her blog tour, we're treated with a creepy "Strange but True" story, perfect for October/Halloween :).

Lindsay Anne Kendal
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About the Author (from her website):

I was born on the 27th September 1983 in Manchester. I grew up in Droylsden, Manchester and I still live there now. I live with my Mum, Dad, Sister and two Jack Russells.

I have had a love of fantasy/horror and all things weird/wonderful and gothic since before I can remember, and began writing in the genre in my early twenties.

Hi Guys and Gals,
Thank you so much for having me. My name is Lindsay Anne Kendal, although my friends call me Linz. I’m the author of the Bloodlines Trilogy. Bloodlines is now available, and the second in the series, Torment, will be available from November 1st.

I always get stuck when asked to do a blog post, I never really know what to talk about and I don’t want to bore people. Also with it being so close to Halloween, I wanted to write something ‘Strange but True’. So I thought I would share a story with you. I have a few things I could tell you, all are true, but very strange. I’ve spoken about one of these things with another group, so I thought I’d tell you a different tale.

It’s not really a secret to those who know me, that the female side of my family has what we like to call ‘a sixth sense’. That doesn’t mean I’m psychic or anything, although that would be pretty cool, but I can feel things and sometimes even hear them.

For example, I take regular trips to the Yorkshire Moors and the Northern Peak District. It’s not too far from where I live and myself and my partner love it up there. This place became ideal for the setting of my new novel ‘Leticia’, (to be released in the coming months) for several reasons. The place is teaming with history.... and it’s full of activity. I mean, paranormal activity. Almost every time I go there I see or hear people. It’s amazing, but can also be quite creepy. So I’m going to tell you about one of the several experiences I’ve had up there.

We were driving through Longdendale Valley. It’s a beautiful place full of history and ghostly stories. There is a side road which goes from Woodhead Pass, through to Glossop. It’s very dark, no street lights and the roads are thin and winding. Typical of country lanes. One night, after going down this road several times, something felt different. There was strange buzz in the air I was constantly getting goose bumps. It was lovely warm night so I knew they weren’t being caused by it being cold. Even my partner, who normally spends his time being upset that he can’t feel things, was shivering constantly.

We pulled up in a little lay-by near a point known to the locals as ‘The Devils Elbow’. We always stopped here for a quick cigarette whenever we came this way; normally to look out at the lights of the nearby towns, just taking in the view. We were chatting away when the car started rocking... only slightly but it was weird. There was no wind, only a slight breeze nowhere near powerful enough to move the car. Then radio turned itself on, and the volume was constantly going up and down. This carried on for several minutes. It freaked my partner out and he was going to drive off, only the car wouldn’t start. I found it highly amusing, but he looked genuinely frightened. I was laughing, I knew whatever was with us was harmless, I didn’t have any bad vibes, but my fella would not calm down. He panicked even more when something started tugging on his hat, but again all I could do was laugh... however, what I didn’t like was when I started to feel a little uneasy. The car stopped shaking, and radio turned off, but then temperature dropped and I felt like I was being repeated stabbed in my right thigh. It hurt like hell, and freaked me out. My partner started to experience sharp pains in the side of his face, and then actually cursed when he said something had stabbed him in his shoulder blade. Now I’m not scared of much but I knew if we didn’t leave quick, it could get rather dangerous.

Thankfully, the car started up and we got the hell out of there. What started out at fun and intriguing ended up turning into something scary.

That experience, plus many others gave me a lot of inspiration. I write YA/Fantasy/Horror so these things that happen will sometimes be mentioned in my work. It takes a lot to scare me, so I will always go back for more... if ever anything bad happens, I write it down. Yes I know I’m weird and I like weird things; I hope that never changes.

PhotobucketYikes, Lindz... As freaky as that sounds, now I want to go there and check it out! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your story. Check out the synopsis for Bloodlines below:

Keira Jameson used to lead a normal life, she just had a gift, passed down through the generations of her family. Now, after hearing voices, having strange dreams of others calling out to her, and her grandfather's last words haunting her, she sets out to find other families like hers. Along with her best friend Lily, the only person outside her family to know about her gift, Keira begins a hunt for her ancestors. A chance meeting with a young man, Lucian Turner, sets them on the right track, but their discoveries change the way Keira will see herself for ever more. Fear, superstition and heritage are shaping Keira's future and she must face her enemies, even if this could mean losing her life. She cannot escape her destiny.

Part Buffy-style horror, part tender romance, Bloodlines will have fans of the genre on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment of this gripping and hell-raising tale. (Goodreads)

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