Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hunger Games Teaser & Mockingjay Call

PhotobucketMy friend and I stayed up last night watching MTV's Video Music Awards (VMAs) just to see The Hunger Games teaser. Of course they waited until almost the very end to show it. GRRR. Though it was fun to discuss the performances on Twitter! The #VMA Twitter discussion made it more entertaining as I got some good laughs from the comments.

After we finally watched the teaser we just stared at the screen like, that's it? Seriously? I knew at some point that it was only going to be a teaser vs. a trailer as I initially thought... but I was expecting to see more than just Katniss walking/running through the forest. We were a bit disappointed to sit through the VMAs for that. BUT after watching it a couple of times this morning I gained some appreciation.

In case you missed the teaser, here it is:

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We get to see Katniss using her bow, and I have to say I think Jennifer Lawrence looks like a pro and I'm really happy with her as Katniss. We get to hear dialogue from Gale (I'm pretty sure it's Gale) as the narration. Also, I'm wondering like everyone else if the whistled tune at the end is Rue. That 4-note tune is on the official soundtrack and is called "Mockingjay Call". It's on iTunes as a free download, and you can get it here!

I can't wait to see a full-length trailer! OK, so what did you think?
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