Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog News: Finally, a Button!

Peeps, I've been wanting this blog to have it's own button since I started it 2 months ago. Wow, I just realized it's been 2 months to the date! Um... YAY!  I tried a few times to create my own but was never happy with any of my attempts. Epic fail. So last week I asked my Twitter peeps if anyone was interested in creating one for me, and shockingly someone volunteered!

The lovely, talented, and very generous Monika from Paisley Monday created a few different buttons for me, and I think I finally decided on the one below.
Whoohooo! I'm sooo excited (if that's not obvious). Seriously, thank you so much Monika! Please take a moment to go check out Monika's blog, Paisley Monday, and her Etsy Shop. She has created some seriously cute stuff. I love the little owl charms made out of scrabble tiles!

Feel free to grab this button for your site! Once I can figure out how to make a "grab this code" box I'll have it on my sidebar to make it easier. 

UPDATE: I feel I should mention that when I started A Book and a Latte I did import book related posts from my personal blog and posted them here. At the time, I felt it was best that I kept the original post dates... so that's why I have posts older than May 11, 2011!
Note about comments: click on the post title to go to the post's page to view and/or add comments. I heart your comments!

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