Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Switched at Birth - are you watching?

PhotobucketABC Family's new-ish show, Switched at Birth, is my new obsession! I've been wanting to watch this show since I first saw the previews. I FINALLY was able to watch the first ten episodes back to back on Netflix instant this past Sunday. I was just going to watch the pilot since I had so much to do before traveling this week... like laundry, house work, packing, and whatnot. I got NOTHING accomplished because I watched all ten episodes. No joke... and it's not like I could just have it playing in the background, because for those that don't know many of the characters are deaf and you have to read what they are saying as they are signing.

I freaking LOVE this show. It makes me cry. It makes me laugh. It makes me cheer. I love the characters, the story, everything.

I'm actually a little mad at myself for watching all the episodes at once because now I have to wait till JANUARY for new episodes... but I'm really excited to hear that the show has 22 more episodes coming our way! If you haven't watched Switched at Birth, what are you waiting for? You have plenty of time to catch up so get on it :). I linked to the episodes on ABC Family's website below but they are also on Netflix instant right now.

Website | Watch Episodes | Facebook

Are you a fan already? Who's your favorite character? Which couple are you rooting for most? I don't want to put any spoilers in this post, so let's discuss in the comments.

WARNING: Comments may contain spoilers!
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