Monday, June 6, 2011

Audiobook Week: 2010-2011 My Audiobook Year

It's audiobook week! If you know me or have been a follower of my blog for even a short time, you probably know that I LOVE audiobooks. I was introduced to audiobooks as kid while taking road trips with my aunt. They made the hours in the car fly by and prompted some really interesting discussions. In college, I discovered that The Cracker Barrel loaned out audiobooks and you could could drop them off at any location (I don't know if they still do this...) so I would always pick some up for my road trips back home which depending on which home was either a 6.5 hour or 19 hour drive! By the end of the trip I would feel like I accomplished something (reading 1, 2, or 3+ books) instead of feeling like I just sat in a car for hours on end.

Today's discussion for Audiobook Week is "2010-2011 Audiobook Year". In the past year I've listened to at least 25 audiobooks. Recently though, I'm averaging about one a week. I'm just devouring them right now. I listen while doing any of the following:

  • Washing the dishes
  • Cleaning the house
  • Yard work (it helps me forget I'm pulling weeds!)
  • Showering and getting ready for the day
  • Cooking
  • Walking the pupdog
  • Working out
  • Driving
I haven't had this blog very long to have posted many audiobook reviews, but listed below are ones I have posted so far. 
I plan to post more audiobook reviews soon, and later this week I'll share some of my all time favorite audiobooks and narrators! If you haven't jumped on the audiobook band wagon yet, I encourage you to give them a try. I hope you'll browse the Audiobook Week posts and find some recommended titles.

Happy Audiobook week! What are you listening to?
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