Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you!

I just wanted to send out a heartfelt thanks to all my followers and the book blogging community in general... thank you so so much! A Book and a Latte has only been online for a little over a week, and the support has been amazing. I've met so many genuinely nice people through blogging so far and they've just made the experience so much sweeter. Everyone has been welcoming, friendly, and so very HELPFUL!

Even though I'm on the internet more than I'm actually reading recently, this experience is bringing my passion for books to a whole new level. I LOVE It!


Chloe Booklover said...

So glad you're enjoying blogging! You're doing an awesome job!

Wendy Darling said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by my YA book review blog, look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it Jen! I've only been book blogging since May 1st, so going on 3 weeks and I can't agree with you more. The book blogging community is just really supportive and nice. I really haven't met too much mean people, but I've met A LOT of nice people.

I also have gotten a lot less reading done since opening my blog though. lol But the way I see it, just starting out will especially do that to you. As long as you're having fun though, oh well! :)

Here's to hoping we're both around this community for awhile! hehe

~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

Madigan Mirza said...

OMG, are you SERIOUS??? You've only been blogging for a WEEK?
Well, I've got to say, you've got a great sense of style, and awesome powers of knowing how to reach out to people, because you certainly seem like a polished blogger to me!
Congrats, and keep on blogging! I've just discovered you, and I hope you keep it up!

newshadeofgreen said...

Awww, thank you so much Madigan! I hope I can keep this up too, it is taking a lot more hours than I expected. But it's all been good :).

Sarah, I hope so too! I'm emailing you now :).

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