Monday, September 5, 2011

River of Time Series: Tributary (Exclusive Excerpt!)

SQUEE! While I was procrastinating doing work today, casually browsing Reader, I discovered that Lisa T. Bergren has posted an exclusive excerpt from book 4 of the River of Time Series! It's tentatively titled Tributary. Here's the teaser picture she posted with the excerpt:


Yes! I'm pretty sure that is Lord Graco! And the excerpt is written from Lia's perspective. It all makes me go hmmm... :) I'm so excited that Bergren seems intent on writing more books for the series. She currently doesn't have a contract for another book in this series, but she did say that she may just go the e-book route if it doesn't happen. YAY!

Click on the picture or one of the links to read the excerpt and let Lisa know what you think of it. Obviously you may not want to read it if you haven't read the first 3 books - WaterfallCascade, and Torrent
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