Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post: Are YOU a Nerdfighter?

Hi there! I'm Jennifer of the blog Little Shelf and I'm a nerdfighter!  :D

Don't know what that is? Great! I'm here to tell you all about Nerdfighteria. If you already know what a nerdfighter is, then French the llama, that's fantastic! Come chat about it with me!

Who are the VlogBrothers? 

So, I think the best place to start is to tell you that there are these two funny, witty, and just all around nice brothers on Youtube called the Vlogbrothers. They began an experiment years ago where they would communicate with video rather than emails or texting. This little experiment, that they started for only themselves, has now blossomed into over half a million followers on YouTube who tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to hear what they have to say.

Their YouTube channel: The VlogBrothers

This is a book blog! Tell me about some books! 

Why, I'd be delighted to! So, one of the Vlogbrothers is John Green, a prize winning author. You may have heard of some of his books: Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherines.


He is currently writing a novel at the moment called The Fault in Our Stars, and even though it does not release until Spring of 2012, it has already hit number one in sales on both Amazon's and Barnes and Nobles' websites.

How is this possible? Well, he has promised that every pre-ordered book, no matter what store you buy it from, will be signed by him, personally. As long as it is the US version, it will be signed. Why? He wanted a way to give back to (and do something special for) his fans. You better believe that I'm going to be pre-ordering at least one copy, maybe more!

Who is the other brother in the VlogBrothers?

Hank Green! He's just as awesome as John! I know, it's kind of tough to live up to his author brother, but he has lots going for him. For starters, Hank runs EcoGeek, an eco based company on the web. He is the science nerd! Being that I have a degree in Biology, this tickles me pink. Plus, he writes super fun and quirky songs!

Ok, then what is a nerdfighter? 

Well, that is a little bit harder to answer. I think that it's easier for me to share this video that explains it, instead:

My definition? To me, a nerdfighter is someone who has a bit of nerdy-ness to them. They are fun and nice and silly and .... just a whole bunch of things! 

Awesome, right? Are any of you now nerdfighters, too? :D

Show me more! 


Hank has several albums out and there are a couple of songs that I think you just have to hear:

For those who love Harry Potter, there are these two:

Then, for those of you who can appreciate a little chemistry with your music:

Since I shared a plethora of Hank videos, I feel it is only right to share a couple of my favorite John videos as well.

A video appropriately titled "A book Nerd's Paradise": 

And one where john is in Amsterdam, and just that way he talks is captivating:

For those of you who think I'm nuts (and believe me when I say that most of the people in my life think my obsession for the vlogbrothers is odd), then I completely understand that being a nerdfighter isn't for everyone.

For those of you who get it... it's epic, right? What a fun thing to be a part of!

Now, this is just a crash course. There is so much more I could tell you, but I don't want to make it overwhelming.

DFTBA - Don't Forget to be awesome! 

Thanks Jen, for having me on your blog! :D
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